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With over 45 years’ experience in the Broadcast and AV Systems industry. JC Broadcast can offer complete wiring and installation solutions for your Broadcast, AV projects and general wiring.

James Brighty started his apprenticeship in 1978 at Link Electronics a local manufacture of broadcast equipment and system integrator where he gained a vast amount of experience in both the prefabrication and installation of broadcast systems and broadcast equipment he spent time in each department from the shop floor where he made all of the products to the test department in the nine years spent at Link Electronics. In 1986 when Link Electronics closed their doors for the last time he started out self-employed and have  been self-employed for the last 34 years quoting on and installing broadcast and AV systems all over the world and now have worked for many big systems integrator’s and broadcasters alike.

Key Skills

Specialist skills for all aspects of:-
Audio Broadcast and AV.
Video Broadcast and AV.
Control Broadcast and AV.
Network Broadcast.
Prototype wiring.
BMS Panel Wiring.
Marking up drawings adding cable numbers to a tailored numbering system on AutoCAD.
Writing cable schedules on Excel.
Producing a Bill of material for the project.
Maintaining and achieving timescales throughout the project.
Purchasing of wiring materials at comprehensive rates sourced from ur existing suppliers.

Personal Skills

Good communication skill and flexibility throughout projects.
Experienced team leader .
Experienced Supervisor
Supervision of labour and local labour.